Another AQUA workshop took place in Wels, Austria, with members of Austrian Automotive Clusters, organized by partner AC Upper Austria ( A complete prototype AQUA course element (U3.E2 Requirements) was trained by partners EMIRAcle, ISCN, Symbol, and TUGraz and discussed among the 14 expert participants  from companies like BRP GmbH (Bombardier Recreational Vehicles), abatec group AG, Fronius International AG, CNH Österreich GmbH (tractors), and Fujitsu Semiconductor Embedded Solutions Austria GmbH. The integrated AQUA approach was highly valued for its innovative character and for matching perfectly with an industry need.

AQUA workshop with Automotive Cluster Mebers, Wels

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under agreement EAC-2012-0635.

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