The initial EC-funded Sector Skills Alliance project to establish the AQUA Alliance was successfully finished with March 2015. Some of the highlights were:

  • AQUA Alliance established in AT, BE, CZ, DE, FR, IE, NL, SI,  with ongoing activities beyond the project and follow-up projects.
  • Extremely successful AQUA training programme, established
    • in industry (automotive clusters, companies, and CLEPA)
    • 5 Universities in AT, CZ, DE, FR
    • Implementation in both ECVET and ECTS worlds
  • 203 participants trained during the SSA project (156% compared to original plan)
  • AQUA Job Role Committed established with ECQA, steering future direction of AQUA
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under agreement EAC-2012-0635.

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