Electronics and software control 70% of modern cars’ functionality; studies predict 90% and more tomorrow. The induced system complexity makes it increasingly difficult for automotive companies to master interdisciplinary, horizontal issues such as quality, reliability, and functional safety.

Moreover, the ISO 26262 reference standard for road vehicles has been released only very recently. Consequently, existing curricula are rare, and highly specialised on teaching the standard rather than its practical implementation. This is where competition is happening in automotive worldwide, and where Europe can create a competitive advantage via focussed VET.

Skill gaps  tend to exist between department experts in traditional organisations, and people who can master the aforementioned horizontal topics which are not sufficiently much taught in secondary and tertiary education (and were not taught at all to workers aged 30 and above). Currently existing professional curricula are much specialised, addressing the needs of experts in each individual topic. They are very costly, and delivered only as classroom trainings of one week or more. Therefore, they are very difficult to access for employees who want to get re-qualified, and even less for unemployed. 

Our concrete aim in the AQUA project is to create

-         a unique complimentary sustainable strategic alliance for the implementation and Europe-wide deployment of modern certified VET Curricula in Quality, Functional Safety, and Reliability on an organisational level.

-         a complete certified VET on-line or classroom training program on “Best and Next Practices in implementing ISO15504 Quality, ISO26262 Functional Safety and Reliability in Automotive”.

-         significant impact during the project, which will be the basis for successful broad exploitation, by a very strict and targeted dissemination strategy mainly facilitated by the Automotive Associations (which influence and decide about Automotive VET Training and Education curricula all over their countries) and all associated networks.

We are proud that the AQUA project is one of only four pilot projects for ERASMUS+ Sector Skills Alliances:

EU EAC page on Sector Skills Alliance Pilot Projects

 AQUA project entry in ADAM LLP database

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under agreement EAC-2012-0635.

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