To be accredited as an ECQA Automotive Quality Manager with AQUA Skills, ALL elements need to be passed. A multiple choice exam will have to be performed online via the ECQA Skill & Exam System. The exam is modular, which means that if a participant passes a certain element that element is recognised as “successfully passed element” on the long term. On the certificate all elements, which the participant passed, are listed. For examination of missing elements participant may apply to a new exam, independently of previous exams.

  • Each element includes 10 random generated multiple choice questions.
  • To pass the element at least 66% has to be reached. The exam takes 90 minutes and approximately 60 questions have to be answered.
  • Those participants who have passed, will be allowed to register in the ECQA online community to be listed as ECQA Automotive Quality Manager with AQUA Skills (if they will approve the publishing). The certificate will be issued by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).
  • Please tick in the system the proper answers. Be aware that more than one answer can be correct.
  • Questions during the exam are not permitted and cannot be answered.
  • You can close the test before the exam ends. You could even re-open and continue the test (without data loss) during the exam. After the exam is closed the test cannot be opened any more, results are visible.
  • After closing the test, the attendee leaves the room.
  • Photo identification (identity card, passport, driving license) must be presented for identification to the exam proctor.
  • The exam results are immediately visibly after the examiner closed the test in general.
  • The certificate will be sent by post within 6 weeks of receipt of payment.


Costs of Exam

The examination subsequent to a training by an accredited training provider will be free of cost for the attendee in the trial phase of the EU project. The cost of the external certifier ECQA will be covered by the EU project with no cost for attendees.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under agreement EAC-2012-0635.

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